Persuade Me

I have a love/hate relationship with Colourpop being in my inbox. Every time I tell myself “ok Kash, this is it, no more makeup purchases”Here comes colourpop “hey girrrrrllll, you know you want this collection” 

And I did 😩

I can count on one hand how many times I’ve stalked a page for a collection to come out. 

My checkout game was swift; 

You would’ve thought it was Jordan Saturday. 

The Persuade Me Collection was on its way to Texas. 

The Collection came packaged in a beautiful mirrored box embossed with gold bumblebee accents. 6 colors for 25.oo 


Ziggie: Dark terracotta

Day Dream: Toned plummy brown

Le Freak: Dark blackened red

Goldie: Rich brick burgundy

Hotline: Mid-tone dirty peach

Upside Down: Light nude peach

These fall colors are gorgeous. All Matte (of course) they are a mix of dark browns, reds, and nudes. Of the six, five are completely wearable for my skin complexion. 

If you are wanting to try a new color without the buyers remorse, colourpop is the way to go. Always affordable with amazing color payoff. 


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