Twenty about Me….

First off, let me go on record that this was hard. I tried to make the questions non-hair/makeup related considering that’s all I normally talk about. Hopefully this post will help you guys get to know me. 

1. How old are you? This year I celebrated my 37th birthday. 

2. Where I was born? Funfact: I was born in San Antonio but didn’t actually live there until I was 21. So no I didn’t go to high school in San Antonio 

3. What do I do for a living? Aside from being a wife and mother of three (17yo, 16yo & 18month) I’m also a freelance hairstylist & makeup artist. 

4. Why im natural? I’ve always been natural. I’m very low maintenance when it comes to my hair. I deep conditioning weekly and use my holy grail products. Besides, Texas humidity is disrespectful to anyone with edges. 

5. Favorite muas?     Themuaalex (Alex) Butler is hands down my favorite makeup artist. I’ve been following her for years and honestly I don’t recall how I found her. But she is amazeballs. Kilprity is also an amazing artist. They both enhance their clients natural beauty without the overdone look 

6. Favorite bloggers?

 @her name is crystal literally goes everywhere and does everything.

 @Bonnie’s Blog of Crime. I love real life crime stories.

 @Abitofeverything because that’s exactly what it is.



7. What type of music do I listen to? I listen to everything from rap to country. All 90s music is acceptable 

8. Favorite color? Black 🙄 besides black? Grey, ivory. I love neutrals. 

9. Favorite Holiday? It’s a tie between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I love scary movies but I also love food. 

10. I’m a Outgoing Introvert. I know that’s an oxymoron but it’s also a real thing. I notice the smallest details, I’m easily distracted because 9/10 I’m thinking about something else I have to do. I love the people but small talk kills me. 

11. My favorite thing to collect? T-Shirts! Especially screen tees. Hip-hop and local designers are my favorite. 

12. Biggest fear? Clowns and Zombies. Idk which I dislike the most. They’d have to fight it out to be the winner however, I will be nowhere in sight. 

13. Favorite Food(s)? Hamburgers, Mexican food, shrimp and grits. Oh and chocolate cake. Wait….or cheesecake. 

14. Hobby(ies)? Right now I make jewelry, Beaded & charm bracelets mostly. And I recently got into BuJo (bullet journaling)

15. Left or Right handed? I’m a lefty 🙋🏽 smearing paperwork since ’79
16. Tattoos? Yo I think I have 16 total 

17. Do you sleep with your closet door open/closed? Closed man 

18. Do you leave the house without makeup? Hell yes…and I’m not talking about the Alicia Keys no makeup thing either. If I don’t have a gig or an engagement to attend I’ll wash my face and moisturize with oil of Olay and call it a day. 

19. One characteristic about yourself?  I’m one of the funniest people I know. Those who have had a conversation with me, know 

20. Things I collect? Besides makeup, screenshots (you never know)   T-shirts, perfume and jewelry (bracelets and earrings mostly) 


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    Of course now I have to answer these 20 questions about myself (Don’t Judege Me)! Thanks @gritnamedkash


  2. iamglamlife says:

    Lol you said you collect screenshots lol that’s y we are friends #KindredSpirits


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