Colourpop  X  Hello Kitty 

Who isn’t a fan of Hello Kitty? Don’t trust anyone who claims they’re not. (Seriously) I had the car seat covers, sweaters, the purses and the wallets….I may or may not still have those purses (no judgement) 

November 1, was not only Hello Kittys birthday

Snapchat had the cutest filter 

and Colourpop dropped their Hello Kitty collection. 

            Hello Pretty 42.oo

Yummy Cookies: Pearlized finish light peach with a flip of silver

Fun With Friends: Pearlized finish vivacious mid-tone warm pink
Juicy Apple: Glitter sheer finish soft gold topped with gold glitter
Sticker Sheet: Satin finish cool-toned taupe
Bento Box: Pearlized finish true gunmetal
KT: Sheer finish light gold sprinkled with pink and gold glitter
Ribbon: Matte finish rich blue red

        Mama’s Apple Pie- 18.00

Rainbow: Glitter sheer finish white with highlights of silver and pink glitter

Friendship File: Metallic finish warm peachy beige dusted with silver and pink glitter
Small Gift: Pearlized finish mid-tone peachy pink
School Bus: Pearlized finish deep navy blue

                    HK Makeup Bag- 12.oo

Ultra Glossy Lip -6.00

Ultra Metallic Lip  -6.oo

Ultra Satin Lip  – 6.oo

Lippie Stix – 5.oo
Word on the makeup streets is that they’re supposed to be dropping more lippies. I’m defenitly going to keep an eye  out for more colors. 


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