Forever Nude & Sculpt Brush Review

I recently received the set of Forever Nude Auqa Gloss and the Scuplt and Blend 10 piece brush set.  I’ve used BHCosmetics brushes in the past and I love them. So I was excited to try these out. 


I love the storage pouch they came in.I use it to seperate my dirty brushes from my clean ones. My favorite brushes are the round blending face brush, which I use to blend in my powder and erase any demarcation between my highlight and finishing powder…..the flat blending face brush which I use to blend in my foundation. No streaks ✊🏾…the small tapered contouring face brush, ok I personally do not contour my face so I use this brush as an eyeshadow brush. The bristles come to a point so it’s great for shading and blending. 

I was so excited to see these beauties! I ❤️love❤️ nudes!  The colors are really pretty and pigmented. The only downside to these were that they didn’t stay on as long as I had anticipated. It could just be me. I think I’m used to mattes.  
 From top to bottom: 

Chai Latte, Glazed Pecan, Maple, Honeysuckle, Cinnamon Stick, Praline, Scone, Nutmeg

Maple and Praline, are my favorites at the moment. Honeysuckle and Scone will defenitly have to be mixed with another color. But overall they are beautiful and deliver when it comes to color. 

If you want good quality brushes without having to pay an arm and a leg, defenitly check out BHCosmetics for great deals on brushes and the Forever Nude Aqua Gloss 


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