Purple Kisses

My love for lipsticks! I tried purple lipstick about a year ago and fell in love.💜  

Here a some of my favorites:
From top to bottom:

  • MAC~Up the Amp
  • Wet’n’Wild~Vamp it Up
  • Milani~Matte Fearless
  • Milani~Matte Glam
  • Jordana~Matte Dare
  • Milani~Violet Volt
  • Wet’n’Wild~Ravin’ Raisin
  • AbsoluteNY~Boysen Berry
  • MAC~Smoked Purple
  • MAC~Rebel
  • LaGirl~Blushing
  • LaGirl~Coy
  • Jordana~Caberet (lip liner)
  • MAC~Heroine (lip liner) 



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