3 Month No Heat Challenge 

Starting Febuary 1st, I’m going to start my first (ever) no heat challenge. I keep seeing before/after photos and I’m intrigued. I typically don’t use a lot of heat on my hair. I’ll flat iron my hair every once in a while, just to switch things up. I was heavy on the blow dryer to stretch my hair. Now that my hair is at a length I’m comfortable with, I’m going to toss my blow dryer to the side for 90 days 😫……I can do this right?!?!? 

Ok so here are my personal rules for the no heat challenge 

  1. Absolutely no heat (obviously). No flat ironing, no hot combs, no blow dryers. 
  2. No hooded dryers for deep conditioning. 

My personal goals for this challenge are

  1. To drink more water. I typically drink water and coffee. That’s it. But some days, coffee wins over water. Soooo to balance this thing out, for every cup of coffee, I have to drink 8oz of water, in addition to my regular intake. 
  2. Try more hairstyles. Anyone that knows me, knows I’m the top bun shawty and the half up/half down queen. There are so many cute low maintenance styles to choose from, thanks to @pinterest, I need to break out of my box.                                   Sidenote: wigs, full sew-ins (no leave outs) and braids are acceptable. I have yet to find a wig that didn’t look “wiggy” on me 😒 but I’ve done Marley twists a couple of times and I loved them. 
  3. Wear a satin bonnet to bed. Surprisingly, this one is the hardest for me.  Ok, in my defense, I have a 10 month old daughter that wakes up at 7am saying”milk” in sign language. And sometimes doesn’t go to sleep until 11-12am. In between housework, clients and children,  The last thing on my mind is a bonnet. However…I plan on making a strong effort to remember to put it on before bedtime. 

Currently my natural hair is chin length wet and shoulder length dry. Flat-ironed, my hair is right above my bra-strap. My goal is to grow my hair to armpit length in its natural curly state. Incorporating my 3 personal goals in conjunction with my current co-wash regemine, I hope to see some, if any, results. I plan on posting monthly picture and updates on my progress. 

Whose else is up for the challenge? 


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