A Tour Around Contouring 

 What exactly is contouring?

Should I contour?

Is it really worth the time my daily makeup routine?


​Contouring gives shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup.

Wait what?

In layman’s terms, emphasizes your cheekbones by finding the hollows or the underside of your cheeks, slims your nose, and narrows your forehead and chin by using a darker cream or powder.

You can choose to contour with either a cream or powder. It all depends on your skin type and the overall look you are going for. A cream product will give you a more sculpted look whereas, a powder results with a softer finish. Choose one texture, start with a light application and build up. Layering different textures will result in a cakey finish.

Contouring is not meant to be harsh looking or noticeable. The goal is subtle natural look both day and night. So blending is very important. Keep in mind your face shape when deciding to contour. Everyone’s face shape is different. So if you have a narrow face, contouring may make it appear longer. Skin tone is another thing to consider when choosing a contouring color. The rule of thumb is to choose a color one to two shades darker.

Do you need to contour every day?

This is a matter of personal preference. While contouring may slim your face and you appear more sculpted, its primarily used for special occasions such as weddings, proms and photo shoots (places where you are more likely to be photographed), in real life turning at the wrong angle, you may look odd or overly made up.

Not to mention it is very time consuming. If you have mastered the everyday contoured routine, Kudos! But is it absolutely necessary, simply put, no.


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