Growing Healthy Hair 

With so many YouTube Gurus and magic growth pills on the market, there’s still confusion on what will grow your hair and what doesn’t.So before you run out and purchase a plethora of products, here are some tried and true tips to growing healthy hair.

1. Accept your curl pattern.

Curl patterns range from wavy and curly to kinky and coily.

Knowing your curl pattern will help determine what products to use and how to manipulate your curls. Everyone’s curl pattern is different so embrace your curls and do not compare your hair to the next.

2. Find products that work for your hair. 

The natural hair movement has taken the world by storm. And with the overabundance of products on the market, you can find yourself shelling out a lot of money. 

Products are designed to work for a specific hair type. So don’t bother spending your coins on a certain product with the hopes of changing your curl pattern. 

3. Have a regimen. This may be one of the hardest tips to follow. We get so busy with life we often rush through or postpone certain tasks. Your hair routine cannot be one of them. If you choose to shampoo, co-wash, deep condition, and detangle on Sunday, pick that day and stick to it. Skipping your weekly routine will slow the progress of healthy hair.

4. Healthy eating habits/drink water

the secret to great hair and skin is not in a shampoo bottle or facial creme. It’s in the foods you put into your body. It starts with your diet. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables accompanied with drinking water will ensure your hair is healthy from the inside out 

5. Hair trims are a must

Contrary to what you read or see on the Internet, there is only one way to treat split ends, and that’s to cut them off. 

Split ends are caused when a hair splits from the bottom and works its way up the hair shaft. Conditioners and serums only coat the ends of the hair smoothing down the cuticle so the hair will lie down. Routine trims will help improve the overall look of your hair. 

You can prevent split ends by using a heat protectant before any heat is applied to your hair. 

6. Safe protective styles 

Protective styles cut down on over manipulation of your hair, protect it from the weather conditions and are great when transitioning. But you have to practice safe protective styles. Edges are important. I’ll say that again, edges are important. They are a part of your hair. Braids that are too tight, sew-ins that are not properly installed will cause more harm than good. A tight braid will not ensure a longer style. Over time, It will guarantee hair loss. 

7. Little to no heat

I love my hair in its natural state but every once in a while I love a mean press out. It gives you versatility on how you wear your hair. Flat ironing or doing a blowout will also show you how long your hair has grown because it stretches your hair to its maximum length. If you decide to use any hot tools on your hair (blow dryer, flat iron, etc) use low/medium heat accompanied with a heat protectant. 
One way I keep track of my hair growth is to take pictures every couple of months. Then I compare the two. It’s an easy way to visualize your growth and set new hair goals. No heat required. 


8. Patience 

Patience patience patience 

Everyone’s hair grows at different rate. 

Diet, health, environment and your personal regimen are all factors in the growth of your hair. Be patient and stick with it. Remember healthy hair trumps long unhealthy hair. 


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