Facing Oily Skin 

Oily skin will make you feel as if your face is melting off but they are some simple ways to manage this problem.
First lets understand some of the reasons we have oily skin.

Hormones control how much oil your skin produces. Your testosterone level increases when you go through puberty, this is why your skin is oily during your teenage years.

Medication, stress, a poor diet, pollution and/or environment, certain cosmetics, even birth control have an affect on your skin.
Oily skin does not mean acne.

There’s a difference between having oily skin and acne-prone skin.

With acne prone skin, pores get trapped with bacteria and sebum, the oily secretion from the sebaceous glands thus producing a pimple, or worse a blackhead.
There are some things that can help and possible resolve your oily skin problem.
*stop over-washing your face

Washing your face too often will send signals to the sebaceous glands in your face to produce more oil. The oil on your face is supposed to be there. It protects and lubricates your skin. Removing that necessary oil will do more damage than good. Washing your face in the morning and before bed with warm water is sufficient
* use oil free moisturizers.

I know you’re thinking why use a moisturizer if my face is already oily. This is a step often skipped by people with oily skin.

Moisturizers protect your skin not only from the environment but also from drying out which will in turn cause your face to overproduce oil.
*Drink plenty of water

Water is so important for healthy skin.

Proper hydration is key to keeping your body’s oil to water ration in order.

8 to 10 glasses a day prevent oily skin, wrinkles, and dehydration.
*Manage your diet

What you put into your body will come out through your pores.

Sodas, greasy foods, sugars and unhealthy fatty foods will cause you to have oily skin.

Replace these foods with fruits, vegetables and food enriched with omega-3s.
Not all oily skin is bad skin

Although oily skin has gotten a bad rep, there are some benefits to having oily skin.

Fewer wrinkles

Slows the aging process

Natural glow
Working these simple steps into your everyday routine will help slow down the overproduction of oils and give better understanding on how to control it.


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