(Make it)…Coloured Raine

In an effort to break out of my makeup brand comfort zone, I decided this summer that I would try new brands. Colourpop, NYX, and Wet n Wild are my typically my go tos for lippies.

I had been hearing a buzz about Coloured Raine on social media.

  • Black owned
  • Cruelty Free (certified through PETA)
  • Affordable and great color payoff

I picked up two neutrals, a pink and a purple

The three Cs I look for in a lip product are:

  • Color ( I need maximum color payoff without 7 layers of application)
  • Comfort ( smooth, not drying, ability to rub my lips together without the lipstick flaking)
  • Cost ( Im not paying over 20.00 for a tube of liptick. kudos to those who do but live for finding affordable products

These colors run 17.00 each and they are worth the price

They hit the mark in every category

  • Marshmallow (a Greyish Taupe)
  • Soul ( a Greyish Brown with a Purple undertone)
  • Mars ( a Dusty Rose Pink)
  • Fête ( a vibrant Purple)

Natural light

Indoors with flash

Fête is my favorite 💜 It’s definitely Purple.

Soul you definitely have to pair with a neutral lipliner.

These colors stay on all day. Food, drink, kiss, nap…..all day. Apply. Let dry…and go. More comfortable than the ultra matte colourpop.

You have to use an oil based product to remove. I used coconut oil. Do not use just a tissue alone. You will tear your entire lip up.

Coloured Raine is definitely worth the cost for the color payoff alone

Check out their website here Coloured raine


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