Don’t Believe the Hype

This will be a series of products that I’ve tried because “everyone” said it was the “go to” product and I was sadly disappointed. One thing I will not do is hype up a product for pay or props.
First up

Miss Jessie’s Jelly Soft Curls
I’ve tried Pillow Soft Curls and loved it. So I decided to give JSC a try. After reading online reviews via the Miss Jessie’s site, blogs and other social media I figured I’ve give it a try.

This is what I was seeing 

Revolutionary Unicorn Gel? SOLD!!!!!

So I buy it..used it on freshly washed Sunday hair.  As it started to dry I immediately saw failure. My hair was dry and shriveled up into a ball..a dry ball. I tried to finger stretch it and that didn’t work. Frustrated, I just put it into a bun. The next day my hair was even more dry and tangled. I was very disappointed. I honestly have had better results with Eco-Style gel for a fraction of the cost.

This was about as good as it got. When I brushed my hair, it actually went straight and had no hold whatsoever. I figured with it being a “gel” it would have some form of a hold. It was frizz with no definition. I even tried it on my daughters hair and she woke up with a dry poof.

Who else has tried this product? What am I doing wrong? The reviews I’m reading are 4-5stars and for 13.oo a pop, I need it to deliver these unicorn curls. So Jelly Soft Curls will go to the back of the hair product closet until it learns how to act.


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