Maybelline Bolds 

Earlier this month I went on a late night Walmart run with my baby sister. While wondering down the makeup aisle looking for lashes and eyebrow gel, I saw a new lipstick from a familiar cosmetic line. Now I know I didn’t need a new lipstick. Especially considering the fact I was at MAC earlier picking out colors. I wanted to at he very least see what was so “new” about this line. I chose a purple, Violet Vixen and an odd grey brown color, Gone Greige. The price point was 5.50/each which is around the cost of the one MAC lipstick I just purchased so I convinced myself it wasn’t too bad. 

Maybelline Bold Color Sensation Collection. The key features claim this lipstick is hyper-pigmented with one-stroke intensity. Boy did they deliver. I was so happy with the color pay off. Affordable and accessible to all consumers. The price point is great. 

Gone Greige (a grey beige color) reminds me of MACs stone. I will be doing a possible dupe entry for those colors. 

Here’s a look at  the entire Maybelline Bolds lineup:

I may pick up Sapphire Siren simply because I do not own any blue lipsticks. I’m definitely adding Chocoholic, Coffee Addiction, and Grey Over it to my collection. 

****quick sidenote**** I’m quoting the price at $5.50 from H.E.B. & Walmart. I did go to Walgreens and they were priced at $7.79 I would definitely shop around if you have more store options. 


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