M.A.C. Rewards Program

Great news for all the M.A.C. Addicts out there. M.A.C. Cosmetics recently debuted a 3-tiered rewards program for the makeup obsessed.  

  M.A.C. Select is a free to enroll program that offers shoppers to enjoy exclusive benefits of shopping frequently with M.A.C. The more you spend, the higher you move up the elite ladder. 
Become seduced just by signing up! How easy is that. You’ll receive:

  • exclusive limited edition products. 
  • An Anniversary gift for being a member
  • Free standard shipping
  • Back-to-MAC expanded
  • A back-to-MAC tracker. To keep track of your bring 6 empties receive a free lipstick or eyeshadow. 

Once you’re devoted to MAC by spending up to 150.oo on products you’ll soon be able to enjoy in addition to your seduced luxuries:

  • Early access on select collections
  • Enhanced product samples online
  • Complimentary express makeup application ( a personalized makeup demonstration focusing on a key area of the face) 
  • Complimentary 2-day shipping on orders 50.oo or more

Spend 500.oo and you’re completely obsessed with MAC. In addition to all of the seduced and devoted benefits you’ll also receive:

  • Gain access to new products before anyone else 
  • Deluxe anniversary gifts
  • Be the first to shop select collections
  • Receive two complimentary makeup applications. (Master specific looks or learn eyelash application.) 

Only downside about this program, pro-members are not allowed to join. šŸ˜« so all of my makeup enthusiasts and makeup junkies sign up Mac select rewards program and let me know everything about this program. I’d love to hear your feedback. 



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