Foundation Formulations 

There are a ton of formulas on the market when it comes to foundation. But which one is best for your skin type? One major complaint I hear from my clients is that their makeup either slides off or looks cakey. Well to start things off, you should always always always start with a fresh clean face. Next up, moisturize…even if you have oily skin. Moisturizing your skin replaces any moisture loss from your facial cleanser and water. I have oily skin and I swear by my Oil of Olay. I’ve used since I was a teenager and it’s never steered me wrong. Now that you have a clean canvas you can apply your foundation. 

Tinted Moisturizer~ used on normal to dry skin. Great for skin with few blemishes because it only provides a sheer, light coverage  

Liquid Foundation~ good for any type of skin depending on the formula. There’s oil-free, oil-based, waterproof, ect. You can build up to the coverage you need by applying one layer, allowing it to dry then, applying another layer.  

Whipped Foindation~ liquid makeup with air whipped in.  Great for combination skin. It balances the skin by hydrating the dry areas and absorbing any excess oil.  

Stick Foundations~ this type of foundation is a bit iffy for me. Some say it’s great for all skin types, others say, it’s too heavy.  It does have a full coverage. It’s good if you’re wanting to cover scars and/or blemishes. It can however, increase your chances of breaking out.  

Oil-free Creams/liquids/powders~ specifically designed for women with oil skin. It’s formulated with water so have to work with it quickly or it will dry.  

Mineral~ made of natural, organic ingredients. Good for normal skin with few blemishes. The powder can absorb the natural oils in your skin, which can possibly change the color of the powder.  



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