Milani Color Statement 

I’m sure everyone has heard about Milani cosmetics by now however, I believe it’s often overlooked because it’s considered a “drugstore” brand. Milani has a full range of colors and finishes priced at 6.00/each, that will suite any skin tone. 

Milani Matte collection

These charts are really true to tone. I like that about Milani there’s not a lot of guess work. And the color payoff surpasses the price. 
Below are swatches (indoors and natural outside light) with the corresponding names/numbers Top to bottom:

14 Rose Hip

21 Sangria

24 Black Cherry

26 Nude Creme

29 Teddy Bare

34 Violet Volt

38 Double Espresso

43 Pretty Natural

48 Tuscan Toast

Top to bottom:
49 Brandy Berry

55 Bahama Beige

61 Matte Naked

64 Matte Orchid

65 Matte Glam

70 Matte Fearless

73 Matte Love

Check your local CVS for the best deals. They typically have 40% off coupons or bogo/free on Milani products. Perfect if you want to try out a new color without spending a lot of money. 


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