Dark Brown Beauties 


Everything old is new again…..bits and pieces of the 90s are coming back and I am here for it

 Take note: before there were 30.oo lip kits, stars such as Mary J Blige, Whitney Houston, even supermodels Iman and Cindy Crawford all wore brown lipstick. 


Brown lipstick can transform any look from simple to sultry. 

Why pay an upwards of 30.oo when you can try this look out for under 20.oo 

From Nicka K to M.A.C. You can definitely be 90s dope and have some change in your pocket.  


From top to bottom:

  • Pinky rose -certified 
  • Pinky rose -halo
  • MAC -photo
  • MAC -stone
  • MAC -polished up 
  • Milani -double espresso
  • Nicka K -aubergine



From top to bottom

  • Ruby Kiss -heart throb
  • Nicka K- Marroon

Heart throb and Marron are my “go to” colors at the moment. Both are under 5.oo and they dry to a perfect matte finish. Be sure to exfoliate your lips before and use a chap stick after. (Not Carmex or an oil based gloss)  


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  1. I am soooo looking for a brown lip that will look good on my skintone ( not too harsh), it’s kind of hard for me

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    1. kash_harris says:

      Nicka K has a variety of Browns that are Matte. http://Www.nicka.com
      Try wet n wild- “mocha-licious” or “sandstorm”

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