Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash

I first heard of younique about a year ago. The fiber lash I thought, looked gimmicky so was was on the fence about it. Well just recently, Jenn T, a fellow hairstylist, supermommy and, the best boss I never worked for (long story) became an Younique representative and offered me to try the 3D fiber lash  
Now, I am a proud member of the FLA (false lash association) I apply false lashes everyday I wear makeup. 

Here’s how I look without lashes  

 So with this 3D fiber lash, you apply the transplanting gel mascara on first, immediately following you apply the fibers. Use the transplanting gel mascara again to lock in the fibers. 

This is after one coat  

 So my thoughts, I really like this stuff. It gave me just enough volume for an everyday look. My eyes didn’t feel naked since I’m used to wearing lashes all the time. Great for a daytime look. I didn’t realize until later that this is a buildable product meaning, you can repeat the gel/fiber/gel steps until you get the fullness you desire. 

I will definitely be using this mascara in the upcoming summer months. It’s not heavy and it didn’t feel caked on 🙌🏾

 To purchase this mascara or to check out what other products Younique has to offer, click on the link below to shop Jens online catalog
  This mascara is a win for me. It made my eyes stand out behind my glasses. 🤓 anyone who wears glasses understand this struggle. Definitely worth the pickup ladies 😘


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  1. LaVinna says:

    Awesome. I’ve always wondered if it was worth the price. I’ll definitely give it a try now.

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    1. kash_harris says:

      Yes Girl. I was pleasantly surprised. You can shop the link I posted or her name is highlighted in my fb post


  2. Okay I’m off the fence now too! If my MUA stamps it, its a good look. Thanks for the tip Kash! Blessings Beautiful!

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    1. kash_harris says:

      You’re welcome. I applied one coat and it looked very natural.


  3. Sheletha says:

    I love it. I was always curious about this product Kash thanks.

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  4. Shawn says:

    I’ve tried a different brand a few years ago and liked it… I GOTTA check this one out.

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