KaePop Colourpop 

February 4, 2016, Karreuche Tran teamed up with Colourpop and launched her own fashionable,yet affordable makeup collection. Sold exclusively on  https://colourpop.com/

With prices rainging from 5.oo to 8.oo, these colors are perfect for everyday and every skintone. 

I honestly only know of Karreuche because of her history with CB but once I saw the swatches of the lipsticks, combined with the price (6.00) I figured, why not…….
So after stalking my mail guy for about a week, I received my package…and OhEmGee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I instantly hopped on the colourpop train.   

From the packaging, to the cute notes and the quality of the product, I’m sold onColourpop.  
I finally got to wear all 3 colors from the KaePop Collection. Baby you couldn’t tell me nothing.   

  I think my favorite of the moment has to be Kae. It’s the perfect shade of brown. Rooch is a more of burgundy red and Chi is a nude color. It exactly matched my skin tone. I applied these colors before 10am and did not have to reapply the entire day. The entire day……through coffee and meals, the color stayed put. I know some people claim that liquid mattes are streaky when applied, here’s the fool proof works every time trick. When applying liquid mattes, line your lips with the color first. Then fill in your top and bottom lip. Keep your lips separated and allow the color to dry. Do not press your lips together until the product is dry. If

you feel that mattes are too drying for you, apply Chapstick after applying your lipstick. Not before. And I specified Chapstick. Not Carmex or any other lip balm because they break down the formula and it will no longer have a Matte look. Overall I’m digging this line so I will definitely be purchasing from Colourpop again.  


5 Comments Add yours

  1. ORDERING!! 🙌🏽


  2. Chrissie says:

    Yasssss WERKKKKKKK



  3. Just ordered a few from them I just received today. Can’t wait to try them!!

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    1. kash_harris says:

      💃🏽 you’re going to love them


  4. Kayo says:

    I really like the nude…. Thanks for the lip drying tip. That has been my major issue with matte lipsticks.

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