Eyeliner 101

With there being different types of eyeliner on the market, it can be a tough decision deciding on which finish to choose. 

Here are examples of the five types of eyeliners.

  1. NYX super skinny marker 9.99
  2. Milani infinite liquid eye liner 3.99
  3. Ruby Kiss Xxpress liner 2.99
  4. Femme Couture cake eyeliner 5.99
  5. Bodyology gel eyeliner duo 11.49


Number 1 & 2 are both examples of liquid liners. #1 is a felt tip whereas, #2 has more of a brush applicator. Liquid liners can create both thin and thick lines but require a steady hand to achieve a precise line. Some liquid liners have a tendency to flake as they dry depending on the formula. 

#3 is an example of a pencil liner. Good for beginners because you can smudge the liner so a slight mistake won’t go as noticed as the liquid. They offer a variety of colors and are great for lining your waterline. The con of pencils would be having to sharpen the pencil often to maintain a point. 

#4 Cake liner or /eyeshadow. Another ideal beginner liner. You use an angled brush (dry or damp) to create a diffused or smudged look. Ideal for a smokey eye. You can create different liners by using the eyeshadow color of your choice. 

#5 Gel/Cream liners create a thick or thin line depending on the brush and look you want to achieve. Great for smudging because they take longer to dry giving you more time to move the product. Gel & cream liners tend to dry out so you need to ensure the lids are closed tightly. 

Of the 5 liners shown, the Milani infinite liquid liner appeared to be the darkest and had the most staying power. I had to use an oil based makeup remover to get it off. The bodycology gel liner gave me the most control. 

Practice is always key to any technique. No need to go out and buy the most expensive liners. Find what works for you and suits your need. 

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