Cash Stash Money Challenge

Its a new year and with that comes a lot of New Year resolutions. The top commitment being to save money. while you can opt to pick up a second job, cut back on expenses or rob a bank, realistically, I don’t have time, discipline or bail money to actually commit to this. I’ve been researching money challenges, these are self saving methods that can happen daily, weekly or monthly depending on how you spend and get paid. I saw online that one person managed to save over 3 thousand dollars by stashing every 5 dollar bill he received. Me being a hairstylist, I live off my tips, so saving all of my Lincolns may result in me being homeless…Scratch that… Below are some examples of money saving challenges I’ve come across that seem affordable enough to fit any budget.

This one seems super easy. Who doesn’t have spare change to start off with?
I think this challenge is good for people who get paid weekly or have access to cash on weekly basis.
I want to untilze this one to supplement my retirement fund.
I would love to do this one. But the way my discipline is set up. Maybe Maybe Maybe next year.
I want to use this challenge to save for Christmas shopping.

So depending on how you get paid, and how well you are at saving, I think any of these challenges can work in conjunction with your everyday lifestyle.

Here’s the struggle…where are you going to stash your cash so that you won’t be tempted to spend it. I wouldn’t suggest depositing it into your regular account or saving account because you may be tempted to spend it. I have a empty whiskey bottle I plan on using.

I’m going to update periodically throughout the year. Mainly to hold myself accountable. What challenges have you thought about using? How are you stashing your cash? Drop your comments below.


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